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Belmont Police Department

Project size: 25,000 SF

Belmont, MA

Belmont Police Station has not been renovated since opening in 1920’s.  Although technological and social advances have changed policing over the past 100 years, the facility had not changed.  The police force had grown three times its early size, but still operated out of the original building.  The town’s intention was to put minor fixes in place and then mothball the building.  At the end of the programming phase, we proposed a solution that saved the town close to $30 million dollars; not build a new facility, but expand and renovate this historically important piece of town fabric.  The building committee agreed, and the project advanced.  The new facility will house state of the art dispatch center, evidence lab and storage, proper armory, sally port, booking areas, and holding cells.  Building systems are being fully upgraded, and will include a new generator and elements to provide adequate emergency services for this evolving community.  All this, while maintaining a key presence in their historic home in downtown Belmont.

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