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Harvard University Police Training Facility

With an enrollment of 22,000 students, in many ways Harvard University is a city unto itself and as such it maintains its own fully authorized police force.  HUPD officers undergo the equivalent training as those in neighboring communities such as Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston.  Therefore, as part of Harvard’s expansion into Allston, we inserted a new training facility into an existing building, complete with an indoor firing range, classroom, tactical training area, and supporting spaces.


The firing range, in particular, required special measures such as steel plates in the walls, ceiling, and behind the bullet capture system, an enhanced ventilation system providing horizontal laminar air circulation to control and filter out particulate matter, and acoustical isolation to prevent noise pollution from reaching adjacent building occupants, and the broader neighborhood.  With this new range, HUPD is not only able to maintain its high standards for training, but they also invite other departments to train alongside them in their facility.

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