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Salem NH Police Department

Salem, NH

40,000 ft2

Salem New Hampshire has tried to build a new police station for the past 20 years. Each of the past attempts failed due to lack of commitment and funding. We studied three options on the existing PD site, narrowed to one, and then focused on effective construction cost saving strategies. Along with the good work of people in town, we were able to gather 78% of the yes vote, fundamentally giving the town a mandate to build this new facility. Our design came in at a reasonable size of about 40,000 SF with a reasonable budget. 

The new police station encompasses an operational area on two levels of approximately 31,6000 SF and a training range of around 4,000 SF.  There is also a K9 out building which is  approximately 4,000 SF and located behind the main building on the backside of the property. The overall layout is strategically situated within the existing footprint of the current police station in a way that allows for future expansion. Other similar sized communities might pursue larger, less efficient buildings, but we prefer to guide our clients to success and set the bar very high with building and cost efficiency while delivering a state of the art facility. 

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