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Davenport Central Fire Station

Originally completed in 1902, the Davenport Central Fire Station is the oldest operating fire station west of the Mississippi, and our task was to both restore the historic masonry building to its former grandeur and to significantly expand it so that it supports the firefighters’ efforts to protect the City for the next century.


The 10,000 SF renovated portion of the station will continue to house lighter weight rescue vehicles and boats (thereby maintaining its status as the oldest operating fire station west of the Mississippi) with office space and a conference room on the second floor, while the 20,000 SF addition provides seven new bays including five drive-through bays.  As well as providing badly needed space, the drive-through bays also help alleviate existing traffic problems to shorten response time.


The addition, designed to meet LEED Silver requirements, provides a new second story dormitory, computer room, fitness room, and supporting services, plus a four story training tower. Variations within the building envelope articulate the different volumes contained within, while terra cotta cladding creates a modern tie to the original masonry structure. A narrow, transparent entrance and stairwell creates a bridge between old and new.

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