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This new EMS Facility replaced a dilapidated garage located on the historic grounds of the old Boston Sanatorium. Working in concert with the City of Boston Public Facilities Department, we built a modest yet elegant building that provides security and stature through its solid shell and minimalist form.


The approximately 10,500 SF structure comprises 11 bays, each capable of double loading and outfitted with a vehicle exhaust system, which house emergency vehicles already in Boston EMS’s fleet, plus additional equipment provided by Homeland Security in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy. Its inherent flexibility supports Boston’s first responders in their efforts to protect the public and manage emergencies both in the short term and for the foreseeable future. A robust thermal envelope, efficient LED lights and daylighting units, and low-flow plumbing fixtures are some of the many features that help make the building energy efficient and will maximize the City’s investment over the long run.

Boston EMS
10,500 sq ft


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