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Amtrak: Acela Hi-Speed

Rail Facility


Wilmington, Delaware
1,2000 ft long / $22.5m

Stainless Steel ▫ Glass ▫ Photovoltaic Panels


In 1985, AMTRAK began planning a high speed rail system for the continental US, and in 2000 they introduced the Acela train to the northeast corridor, providing rapid mass transit to stops between Boston and Washington, DC.  However, to this day they still do not have a maintenance facility for these trains which, as train sets, are like horizontal buildings with integrated mechanical systems.  If one car breaks down, the whole set needs to be taken off line for repair.  Currently repairs are done outside during rain, snow, and ice storms, but our proposed facility in the Wilmington, DE railyards would provide essential shelter to maintain this vital cog in the US transportation system.  Necessarily a 1,200 foot long building to fit a train set, strategically raising the middle sections on each wing facilitates cross site access to preserve the existing traffic circulation, while providing the necessary enclosure for maintenance on two sets of trains.


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