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Falmouth Recreation Center 

Falmouth, Massachusetts
9,000 SF

The Falmouth Recreation Center + Sports Facility is an award winning building located on a long, sloping slice of land between an existing gymnasium (by Keenan + Kenny Architects) and the accompanying playing fields. The new addition re-established a privileged viewing position previously held by the original building, using generous amounts of glass set into a wall clad with concrete panels to allow spectators gathered within the space to watch as teams trot onto the fields, play their games, and return in victory (or defeat).  The addition was designed to house a fitness center, locker facilities, shower facilities, and coaching and staff offices, the building also includes a

café, game room, computer classroom, and lounge.

Responding to the client’s desire to move all municipal buildings towards renewable energy sources, the building is equipped with passive solar hot water and photovoltaic electrical systems.  When not in use, these systems sell electricity back to the utility company, creating a cost savings for the municipality.  When in use, the students can monitor cost efficiencies from the classroom computers and study the power of the sun in their everyday lives.

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