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Strand Theatre

Boston, Massachusetts
12,000 SF

The rehabilitation of the nearly century old theater required a contemporary intervention.  With deliberate recognition of the interactive performance people employ when socializing, new restrooms were inserted into a neoclassical box.  These “green rooms,” complete with sink surrounds evocative of traditional theater makeup counters become a stage set for the rest of the experience.  Two distinct color palettes – black doors, a black sink surround, and light accent tiles versus red doors, a red sink surround, and dark gray accent tiles – designate men’s and women’s rooms on the first floor respectively.  However, this relationship is inverted on the second floor where the schemes of each room are reversed.  In this world of gender parity, color can no longer be trusted as a signifier.  Further, in the same manner that the stage is shared by all, so are the continuous sinks in each room.  Individuality is compromised and commonality becomes a theme.  The restrooms are defined by this subtle commentary on gender intertwined with notions of theater. 

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