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Harvard Planning and Project Management 

Cambridge, Massachusetts
project size: 9,200  sf

Program: Offices for Planners, Developers, Project Managers, and Engineers

Using a thick wall design scheme, we were able to maximize use of this Jose Luis Sert building to allow a fully integrated team who were focused on developing Harvard’s Allston Properties. Large and small conference rooms filled the spaces between multiple offices, a library, a print room, and many other aspects of a developers headquarters.


Color was used to define varying office, and outline areas of gallery space for new facilities.  An obstacle in the original space was a very low ceiling due to myriad mechanical systems feeding the floor above. One result was impossibly limited space for lighting. In response, we developed a system of suspended light fixtures creating a horizontal plane of light throughout the main circulation space.  Similarly, this double loaded corridor fed offices on each side, but moreover, held a bank of cubicles along the center spine, therefore creating a triple loaded corridor, and ultimate efficiency to fit a developers taste.

Materials: fiber reinforced acrylic  .  glass . LED light .  thick walls


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