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Harvard Campus

Service Center

Cambridge, Massachusetts
4,000 SF


The Harvard Campus Service Center is a LEED Gold Certified office space that combines Harvard’s ID, Real Estate, and Parking services into a single, highly efficient one stop shopping experience for new students, faculty, staff, renters, and landlords alike.  Each of four stations at the primary counter plus four extra seats at the secondary counter (which are typically kept private behind operable frosted glass panels until they are needed) have the technological capacity to serve any of the new, integrated department’s functions.


The program also called for additional office space in the rear to support the counters, a small conference room, and a consultation room.  The available space was limited, and combining three larger offices together made real estate that much more precious, so our approach brought the building’s common corridor into the equation and allowed offices and related rooms to flow from each side.  The open plan provides views to the exterior, and lets in natural daylight to all areas for staff and visitors alike.

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