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We are client centered and have a culture of active listening. That is to say, the client’s program is the start of any project, enhanced by collaborative dialogue that unfolds as each project advances. We listen to you, and respond with digital graphics, sketches, physical mock ups, and prototypes to ensure our approach aligns with the client.

Comprehensive Methodology

Our design philosophy is based upon distilling a building to its essential programmatic components; thereby reaching expression in its clearest form. Contemporary architecture is the focus of the firm, and to date we have completed many Institutional, Commercial, Municipal, and Residential projects. Through active listening, focused responses, and unequivocal attention to detail, we produce needs-based design results, while balancing design complexities with site pragmatics, program and budget.

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By utilizing a broad knowledge of construction methods, We are able to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our cost estimating results are in the range of 5% above and below actual costs. As LEED© Accredited Professionals, our methodological approach to all projects extends beyond energy and material conservation, but to larger planning issues potential and environmental effects of the project as a whole. 

Our Core Values


Razor sharp focus is easy when you love what you do.  We live for great architecture, and it’s evident in our focused methodology and attention to detail. 


We strive to foster a synergetic, cooperative workplace and process.  Great ideas make for great architecture- and we want to hear yours.


Everything we do, we do for the love of architecture.  Our energetic talent and enthusiasm for the craft results in projects full of endless possibilities.  


We’ve been around for 22 years- and know architecture is ever changing.  We constantly face new and unique challenges, and have the skills to constantly adapt and innovate. 


 Great buildings facilitate great places to live, work, and play.  We live authentically, design creatively, and imbue our own authentic perspectives into every building we design and every relationship we foster.  We’re a small team of real people- with tremendous ideas. 


We’re dependable, and carefully manage every relationship we develop.  We hold each other accountable and make ourselves as available as possible for our clients. 

Quality Oriented

We implement several means of quality control in each of our projects in order to create beautiful, functional spaces.  From large scale planning to smaller scale fixtures- we’re checking the quality of every last detail.   


We approach each project from every considerable vantage point and then some.  We pride ourselves in tackling projects with open minds and innovative perspectives. 

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TGAS is focused on sustainability in more than just the common ways.  Well before LEED was a policy we were designing and installing on site renewable energy in the form of hot water and photovoltaic solar panels on our buildings.  We have designed many LEED© Gold facilities for places like Harvard University and others, and we continue to strive for reduced environmental impact.  We are proud to live and work in a city with the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 and we are doing our part to help get us there.  


Overall common buildings generate about 30% of the worlds greenhouse gases, yet our buildings are focused on being as close to Net Zero Emissions as possible.  That often includes superinsulation, limited or zero use of fossil fuels, producing power with some type of on site renewable energy (geothermal wells, solar panels, etc.).  But we go even further with our interiors.  Daylight and views can be found from all locations within our buildings, and the furniture we specify is Healthy Hospitals Initiative (HHI complaint) and “red list” chemical free.  Along with Design and Construction Excellence which we have been noted for, we strive to use Well Building guidelines to make the occupants lives healthier and more productive in every way possible.

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