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Chelsea Engine Company 3

Chelsea Engine Company 3 is a historic fire station dating back to 1887, and our goal was to bring it up to current day firefighting standards.  And, as part of the our effort, we wrote the grant that was awarded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act – the only fire station in the northeast to be funded this way.


New features resulting from this gut renovation project included an enhanced building envelope for energy efficiency, new apparatus rooms, gear grid, turn out gear decontamination, new sleeping quarters and offices, new kitchen, day room, lighting, HVAC systems, and emergency generator.  All parts of the project were designed to meet or exceed energy code requirements, with all work being done in a way that allows for contemporary finishes to fit appropriately within a carefully crafted historic building. The design is also organized to accommodate gender parity. 


New windows embrace institutional depth, while fully glazed overhead doors admit natural light and provide a clear display of the fire trucks.  This civic building renovation increases local pride in a part of an historic downtown that is on the upswing.

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