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JF Stearns Steel

Pembroke, Massachusetts
7,000 SF

As a steel fabricator and erector, the client rigidly adheres to exacting standards and a remarkable level of accuracy, so it naturally followed that our design for their office space should reflect this aptitude for precision, while celebrating their field of work. Accent lighting and vibrant colors accentuates a pair of cloud ceilings, which folds into walls further highlighted by strategically placed illumination signifying use: recessed, colored light boxes correspond between the most public of spaces, the waiting area and the conference room. Meanwhile, in contrast to the delicate quality of light, a full wall of suspended steel panels divides the public area from the office production space beyond.  Senior offices are aligned along the windows of the space, while production is set along the rear of the space. Common amenities link the two, including a lunchroom, administration pool, and the like.

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