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Silman Guest House 

Harvard, Massachusetts
project size: 1,600  sf
design - completion: 2004 – 2005


Program: guest house / studio facility

The site for this building is a flat opening in the forest.  The horizontal and vertical carry equal influence.  The ground surface flows continuously into the depth of the woods, the trees form a rhythmic, yet permeable wall around the clear ground.  Their height beckons a response.


The notion of site is extended to the inhabitant of this project. The building is designed as a guesthouse for the daughter of a prominent structural engineer from New York City. The engineer is currently known for re-structuring and restoring the cantilevers of Falling Water and numerous other Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  A dedicated place was required for weekend trips to visit new grandchildren. Further, the house also serves as a studio and office for the son-in-law.  As such, his functions are stacked directly above one and other; the workshop on the lower level, drawing and office amenities on the upper level.  The structural engineer sleeps in the cantilever.

Materials: steel frame . copper / wood siding . glass


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