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Trinity Atrium

Cambridge, Massachusetts
3,000 SF


Previously a four story open atrium between a pair of interconnected office buildings, this project recovered valuable square footage by inserting a new slab at the fourth floor level of this interstitial space.  Generous glazing on the west wall couple with an expansive arched skylight flood the space with natural light, while planters cascade down from the new floor on the south end further bringing nature inside the building, and into this “Flex Space.”  A moniker given to it for its many intended uses: group gatherings, office events, lectures, and like activities.  Mechanized window shades provide the option for privacy and a measure of light control, trap doors hide storage below the space’s bamboo floor, and formerly exterior walls on either office building now act as interiors.  The net result is a flexible place outside the normal business environment where one can either escape by themselves or with their colleagues, or gather in larger groups on special occasions.

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